Episode 11

Chloe F. Orwell and Brand Elvis of The Handcuffs. Brad Elvis is also currently drumming with legendary Detroit rockers The Romantics. 



​Episode 11 - Chloe F. Orwell (Big Hello) and Brad Elvis (Screams, The Elvis Brothers) are the founders of the Chicago rock band The Handcuffs. The Handcuffs were spawned from another band called Big Hello in which Chloe and Brad had first met each other through an advert in The Chicago Reader that Brad had placed. Chloe auditioned as a vocalist for Big Hello and her and Brad have been together ever since. Big Hello gained a lot of traction in Chicago and nationally as well. They were signed to an imprint of Sony Records for two seconds, and then the label was dropped before they could record a note. When Big Hello broke up Chloe and Brad continued to write songs and started up a new band called The Handcuffs and they are still reeling and rocking. Brad Elvis is also the drummer for world famous Detroit rock outfit The Romantics, a position he has held for twelve years.  

Episode 4 - THE MENTAL STAMINA Finally got The Great Sam Barker in to tell a few stories. This man is off the hook funny! He is a friend and one Chicago's finest guitar players and teachers. I cannot tell how much I was looking forward to this episode

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Episode 6
Sonny & Joe - Wheel in the Sky? Again? How much money did this guy pump in the juke box?

Hear Steve Perry belt it out here!

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Episode 5
Fred Uhter - Documentary Film Maker talks about how he created "Drive Somewhere, The Saga Of The Vulgar Boatmen".

The Vulgar Boatman - Drive

Episode 9 - Herb McCormick worked for Curtom Records in the 1960's with Curtis Mayfield as a songwriter and talent scout for the label. As a result of Herb's work with Curtom Records Chess Records recruited him to write songs for their label. He was smack dab in the middle of a glorious time in musical history working for two very influential record companies in Chicago. Herb is still going strong as you will hear in this episode and he shares some truly incredible stories with us. Thank you Mr. McCormick and your special friend Dee Dee for stoping by to visit us and a special thanks to Fred Uhter for introducing us.

Epsode 2
Local Musician Darin Mullins

Check out The Jagweeds here!

​Episode 3
Part 2 - Sean O'Malley Elevator Constructor and Blue Collar Bar Room Funny Man 

Chicago's Finest Podcast

Episode 10 - Rob Sullivan is best known for being an author and a motivational speaker. His book "How To Get Your Foot In The Door When You Don't Have A Leg To Stand On" is in it's fourth printing published by McGraw Hill. Rob also has had many high profile speaking engagements for companies like McDonald's, Tap Pharmaceuticals, University of Michigan and Northwestern University. 


​​​​​​​​​​​Episode 1
Sean O'Malley Elevator Constructor and Blue Collar, Bar Room Funny Man. Real comedy ain't on TV anymore, it's here!

Episode 8 - ​Lou Hallwas stops by the studio to talk about music and how it helped shape his life. Lou is a great musician and a great pal he plays in three bands ( The Diffrents, The Penthouse Sweets, Decoy Prayer Meeting )  as a guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist

Episode 4
Sam Barker - Described as an acquired taste, he is also one of Chicago's finest guitar players
Listen To Squeegee here

Episode 7 - Dale Lawrence has a chat with Sonny, Joe and Sam about his time with the midwest punk rock band The Gizmos and his ups and downs with the legendary rock group The Vulgar Boatmen. Later in the program we discuss some of the worst mistakes made by record company executives 

Episode 8
Lou Hallwas of the Chicago bands The Diffrents, The Penthouse Sweets, Decoy Prayer Meeting         

Episode 1 - Have a listen with special guest Sean O'Malley (with his new haircut) as he talks to Sonny Vitkauskas and Joe Grez on The Mental Stamina
Tags: Earworms, Micropenis

Episode 6 - Wheel In The Sky? Again? Sonny and Joe talk about........traffic, garbage on the side of the road, scams, Drew Peterson, JJ Peppers, cocaine, mean kids and Wheel in the Sky!

Episode 3 - Back by popular demand Sean O"Malley stops by the studio to crack an Old Style and shoot the shit. Highlights include: Stories of a bouncer, Public Meltdowns at Wendy's Hamburgers, The Black Keys and Deconstructing a golden oldie.

Episode 5 -We sit down with Fred Uhter who made a documentary ( Drive Somewhere, The Saga of The Vulgar Boatmen) about his favorite band The Vulgar Boatmen.​

Episode 10
Rob Sullivan, author and motivational speaker stops by the West Loop studio for a chat about his background and how he fell into a very unique and rewarding line of work.   www.careercraftsman.com/coaching.html

Episode 2 - Have a listen with special guest Darin Mullins as he talks to Sonny Vitkauskas and Joe Grez on The Mental Stamina.
Tags: B.C. Rich Guitar case not included, Children's Palace

Episode 7
Dale Lawrence of The Gizmos and the Vulgar Boatmen chats with Sonny, Joe and Sam about his rock and roll adventures. 
More info on Dale Lawrence and the Vulgar Boatmen here

Episode 9
Herb McCormick is a songwriter, musician and talent scout. Herb worked with Curtis Mayfield at Curtom Records and was also a songwriter for Chess Records right here in Chicago.